Spiritual Care Education and Training: Interprofessional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum (ISPEC©) 

Clinicians and chaplains working together for systemic change.

A GWish flagship course since 2018, ISPEC© is a two-day course designed to instruct clinician-chaplain pairs from the same health setting how to collaboratively teach colleagues to integrate spiritual care into their own clinical practice. 

woman seated at a table viewing a presentation on a screen in the background
ISPEC© offers a unique opportunity for you to enhance your leadership skills by learning how to educate, empower, and guide other healthcare professionals on integrating spiritual care into your health setting.

Facilitated by global leaders in the field of interprofessional spiritual care, our ongoing support will help you implement goals, deepen your understanding of interprofessional spiritual care, and work together to create systemic change within your institution. 

As an ISPEC© participant, you will enhance your leadership skills by learning how to teach others to integrate spiritual care across your organization.

ISPEC© offers spiritual care training to clinicians from diverse professional backgrounds (e.g. MD, RN, NP, PA, Social Work, Psychology, PT/OT/ST). Chaplains/spiritual care professionals also participate to establish ongoing partnerships with clinician teammates for the purpose of teaching spiritual care skills to others in the organization.

A critical component of the GWish Project, ISPEC© is held on a twice-yearly basis. The course is also available as an onsite program for sponsoring institutions.


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